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I start the two week liquid diet countdown. Liquids for two weeks? I am hungry now on a basic low carb, low fat, reduced calorie healthy eating plan. It’s going to be a challenge for sure!

I feel fearless AND terrified, like a walking oxymoron..

Fearless seems to breed power and empowerment, terror seems to feed hunger.

I today I am going to do what I can to thrive in my fearless self. I am pretty sure it involves housework, gardening, walking and general distractions.


I am sure I am going to hunt down some online support groups like one I know, and hang out there a bit…read some posts. Take out my Nook and read a couple of the books I downloaded to get into this head thing I am doing.

I have lost (and gained) weight hundreds of times but now I am addressing how I think and where I wish to go in life. This surgery is just a tool on this road I am going on.