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Had my surgery on Friday and I obviously lived. It was pretty tough the first two days but feeling amazingly well today. Still weak but back on proteins. The first day home was probably the toughest but went past quickly.

Slept pretty well. Pain is not severe though affecting of course. Mostly sitting, watching movies, taking the vitamins and resting.

It was kind of scary right before I was discharged. Hoped I would be able to cope with this kind of surgical change but I am and I will continue to do so..

I was home 26 hours after I was admitted! Short huh?


More later….


MEDICATIONS After Bariatric Surgery.

I had to hunt and hunt for more information about medications post gastric surgery. Since I am on too many meds (for my desire) I needed to have this squared away ahead of time. I thought I would share this here.

I will be posting more and more as I discover it as well as my own personal experiences with it. (hopefully all good)

I don’t know one person undergoing this type of surgery that doesn’t take at least one medication.