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body apologyThis has been my meditation lately and my question for myself.


(I am down weight wise 115 pounds which is not important, it is just a number but it does mean one thing, I have a lot more free time as I am not eating all the time, but doing other things like meditating on things like this, lol)


I recently read something somewhere (not sure where) this premise or idea:

We are either eating for health and to nourish our bodies or we are eating for our disease.


Think about it? If you pondered each bite that went into your mouth and ask this question, what would the answer be?

Is this piece of fudge, fad laden chips (or sugar and salt laden baked chips) or sugar candy going to feed and nourish my body with great nutrients or feed the high blood pressure, the diabetes, the coronary artery disease (etc etc)?

Does the sweetness of good and nutritious things full of wonderful body healing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals say in a piece of fruit, fresh vegetables (that aren’t cooked to death or laden with fatty sauces and butter) or lean protein sources lead to my long life, my vitality, my body’s happiness and weight control?

Am I eating to nourish my Life and my body or am I eating what will cause my body’s disease?

What would your answer be?

It takes awhile possibly to start tasting the mouth coating greasiness of fried foods (that somehow tastes disgusting to me now honestly) when the mouth has become accustomed to eating this way. I know because I was that person. I loved fried foods, fatty Poor Boys full of grease soaked fried seafood! (I live in New Orleans after all!) I recently tasted a bite of fried food and I hated it! (It was 15 months since I had dared to try it) I couldn’t take another bite! I am not complacent though. I have been on the weight loss/weight gain dance for a long time, like most of my life, and I know I would “get over” that initial grease repulsion if I slip back into my bad habits and the weight would pile back on again! Same with sugary, over salted foods. I had to wean myself off of some of them or quit cold turkey like a bad habit. It wasn’t easy. No one said this was easy but I have found out, if I look around and read out within the human world around me hundreds and thousands (even) of people are contending with this each and every day!


I don’t want to go back there.

So, I ask myself eat day in my mindful eating way, what do I do?

Do I eat for nutrition and to nourish my life and body or am I eating my disease?

I think, for me, the choice is easy…….. Just for today, it is health I crave like water in the desert………..



Are you into say, yoga? Or perhaps you want a support group or even a bunch of people to enjoy books you read or to go out and socialize and meet others and listen to music? Dig board games? I found a way to find all of the above OR create the group I need or want myself at .

Time to get off the sofa, stop watching TV, eating junk or just vegetating your life away. It is somehow like a living death. I mean how much tv can you watch anyways?  I decided I too needed to get out and join the world and get active again in life don’t ya think? I live in a city thriving with these things.


But even if you aren’t in a city but in a small town (like I grew up in) you can get what you are needing I believe. No groups in your area? You can create one yourself. If you aren’t that bold perhaps check out your local library or church, there is probably something there.

Life means being involved with other people. It was and is important to me.

I am also checking out volunteer opportunities around my area. There it so much need out there for volunteers it is staggering. It feels great to feel involved and valuable in the world. I did learn I needed to start small and do something like this say, one time a week.

Can you teach a skill, a craft or an art? Why not do that now. Counties/parishes always want this kind of thing for seniors, teens or children. Check with your church if that doesn’t pan out for you.

Kind of a metamorphosis, like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon of too much fat, too much food, too much inactivity to feel my wings and start to expand them.

FACEBOOK connect…with me.

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Wondering who wishes to connect via myself and this blog on Facebook?

I am considering adding a page there…

Look on Facebook under this blogs name to see if I have ventured there!

Thanks for the support to all those who have subscribed to updates. I am honored ….