The Reclaimed Life
New Orleans LA USA

Bio: I am a deeply involved in life right now. I am both an artist and a writer. I am full of hope and into great life habits and personal growth. I want my quality of life to be high and my life to be one of purpose. I hope to share that hope with other. I have a great sense of humor (actually told I should be a comedienne). I have survived tons of personal tragedies, and severe (including life threatening) health issues. I also was in New Orleans during Katrina for two weeks and survived and gained much good from such a challenging, life changing event. Yet, I feel all of these difficulties created, I believe, a warm and loving person with a rich quality of life for me personally now. I am on a journey. I want to enjoy the ride and all it's ups, downs and in betweens. This part of my journey, in the beginning of this blog begins with weight loss surgery to kick start the next part of my journey. So basic at first I believe the evolution needs to be shared and believe intensely in the phrase "Pass it forward" .... My blog is so very little about weight loss or health though that is part of the quality of life, but about the richness and textures of life all together. I want to embrace my being, my life, it's joys, pleasures and passions and share with humor and insight, I hope, how to go a fully realize and enjoyed life as a human being. So much to say, so little time. More later, promise!

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