So it’s been almost a year, ….

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Uncategorized


April 12th, 2013 I made the plunge into a gastric sleeve. BEST thing I have ever done for myself, without exception!

I was terrified! It wasn’t bad at all. Of course I couldn’t eat much at first.

It hurt a couple of days but much less than I feared.

I have lost over 103 pounds as of today! That is incredible!

My life is so very different today as opposed to this time last year. I can walk though in December I decided to have a total knee replacement. THAT hurt and I am still in rehab, PT for that. Whatever it takes for me to be more physically active I WILL do that…and I have!

I can now walk up to 3 miles in one day something I could not even dream of attempting at this time last year.

I went from a pant size of 28 to a size 14/16 now. The clothes are cuter and more fun. I can wear lace up boots. If you are considering weight loss surgery, buy used or inexpensive clothes! (I didn’t know this and pre-bought way way too many clothes I could not fit in in a matter of months!) T-shirts, stretchy/knit drawstring pants are the way to go! Buy them on sale! (You will thank me for this and the Miralax tip! lol)

I wrote a long list of things I wanted to do and “Why I am doing this or WHY this is NOT crazy!” list which I put on my refrigerator. (On the list was things like being able to jet ski with my new husband, walking in high heels or boot again, walking around Rome etc)

Sorry I had not posted here sooner but honestly have been so involved in the process of this first evolution I was not able to find the time to write. Mea culpa. ….

I recommend if you are reading this and I hope somehow you are, you will write this list for yourself- WHY are YOU doing this or planning to do weight loss surgery yourself?

(One tip for those considering Gastric sleeve, get Miralax, you will thank me later for saying this and start taking it day one post op.)

I take zero blood pressure medicine now! I was on three types before the surgery.

I am super happy!

I have more work to do….


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